Please note that there are important changes in the resumption of the Rogers Rankings beginning July 16th

The purpose of this document is to make you aware of the plan to resume the ranking system in the summer of 2020 after the disruption caused due to COVID-19.


  • Ranking/VR System restart date – Processing tournaments will resume 16th July


  • Star Level Tournaments – We recommend starting with lower level 2/3 Star events in July leading up to the higher level events later in the season. Please keep in mind that you have your regular allotment of 3 selection events and the provincial/regional championships for this outdoor season (which can be used during the Fall if required).


  • National Ranking Fluctuation due to differing start dates – We understand that provinces might start running sanctioned events at different times depending on the provincial and municipal health and safety guidelines. This may cause the National Rankings to fluctuate in the short term. However as we will not be dropping ranking points from a players profile when we start processing tournaments on the 16th of July this fluctuation should work itself out over this upcoming season.


  • ON tournaments – ON currently has the largest earned allocation of ranking points in Canada and can therefore influence the composition of the national rankings by a high degree. In the case of ON restarting their competitive structure earlier than other provinces the ranking fluctuation in the short term can be significant. To help mitigate this situation ON has agreed to limit the “Playing Up” to only one age category for this summer season (until majority of provinces have restarted sanctioned tournaments).


  • Ranking Changes in “rolling 52 weeks”: The current “rolling 52 weeks” period will be extended by a yet undetermined amount. In other words no results will be dropped from a players profile when the rankings resume on the 16th of July. For ex. player A currently has 52 weeks of results in their profile from “Week12-2019” to “Week11-2020”. When tournaments are processed from the 16th of July, the results from Week12-2019 will not drop off. Tournament results will continue to get added throughout July/Aug until further notice.

This is to protect the last significant results for most players, which are the Junior Nationals ranking points, and thereby having a fair representation for all provinces in the National Rankings. More details on the 52 week extension and the plan to then gradually come back to the “52 week rolling” will be communicated by end August.


  • Changes to the above may occur pending the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting government and health authority direction.